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Rules use of Site Materials

1. All materials published on the Site are subject to copyright. The Rights to the Site Materials are the property of  Author Ioanna Alexander (ioanna_alexa), with the exception of those materials are from third parties identified as sources.

2. The Site Materials are understood as articles, photos, videos, graphic illustrations and other data posted on the pages of the Site.

3. Use of Site Materials means copying, citing, translating or any other reproduction, distribution and other processing of the Site Materials. Also, the Use of Site Materials implies any other use, regardless of whether the relevant actions are performed for commercial purposes or for personal use, whether the use of the Materials is carried out in full or in part.

4. Text Materials posted on the Site can be used by any Users without obtaining the written permission of the Author and on a gratuitous basis only under the condition that the Authorship of the Material is indicated by means of an open to search engines direct Hyperlink to the page of the copied/quoted Material, for example, “Source:

5. Video Materials posted on the Site can be embedded on the pages of other sites by any Users by copying the link to the video posted on the Author’s YouTube channel: The use of the Site Video on other YouTube channels is prohibited. Also making any changes, additions or any other processing of the Site Video Materials is prohibited.

6. Any use of Graphic and Photo Materials posted on Site is prohibited. If it is necessary to use the Graphic and Photo Materials of the Site, the User must purchase a License to use the image on one of the Photobanks listed below. The Author is ioanna_alexa.

7. Photobanks selling Licenses for Graphic and Photo Materials posted on the Site