Ioanna Alexander

About me


On this page I will tell a little about myself.

I am a normal simple person.

The only thing that differ me from many of my friends is that I like my life and the world that surrounds me.

I like my small almost provincial town in the north-east of Ukraine – there is Sumy city. Let my town is not very interesting from a tourist point of view, let its infrastructure does not comply with European standards, but when traveling to other cities I understand that Sumy this is the place where I will surely return!!!

If there were no black stripes in life, white stripes would not be noticeable. Similarly, if you do not travel anywhere, you stopping value your homeland, you beginning to take for granted everything that surrounds you. Your life turns into routine. And routine kills everything! It makes people unhappy….

So I think, to be happy, every person has to travel somewhere sometimes. If you do not like the cityscape or the sea, you can go to the mountains. The one who likes to sunbathe can trip to the sea. If you are tired of the city fuss, you can take a tent and go somewhere in the woods… But every person must leave his home at least once a year….

Travel very well ‘cleanses’ the brains. During a trip you will see and learn something new, there will be time to think over some things and systematize them in your head… From a journey you will return rested, refreshed and happy…

So the best cure for depression, discontent with yourself or life is a travel!

I very much regret that I learned this truth only in 2013, after my trip to Kiev.

It is difficult to begin to do something, but, usually, if you took the first step, then further everything turns out easily. Similarly, with travel – you need to make only one trip

Personally, I had only two obstacles to travel:

1. I have a weak vestibular apparatus (that is, usually I stay sickness from pitching in transport, even in trains)…

(Now I know that pills from seasickness can to cure it )

2. I do not have anyone to trip with, but I’m afraid to travel alone…

(As it turned out, personally for me alone traveling is very interesting. And there is nothing terrible in solo-trips!)

So that I overcame my fears or excuses. And now I try to travel every year, even alone. And if it turns out, then I make several trips for the year.

After all, there’s so much more to see !!!

And that I will see, find out, feel, I will describe in my travel blog…

This is my personal travel journal. Time erases memories – and here I can refresh them.

Also I will be very happy if someone finds something interesting for themselves in my stories. Perhaps my experience will be useful to someone on his trip… 🙂

By the way, you can contact me in social networks:

So, Let’s be friends 😉 !